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In today’s demanding and competitive global market, manufacturers, importers and retailers are mindful of product performance and product quality. In addition, they are required to demonstrate that their products are fully compliant with a wide range of local and international standards, regulations and industry-specific requirements.

As an Accredited Laboratory, STL conducts tests in accordance with established local and/or international standards and requirements. Our test reports are accepted and recognised by local and overseas authorities and consultants.

As a Certified Body, STL certifies products in accordance with governmental and/or regulatory requirements. Our Certificates of Conformity are accepted and recognised in the market as a mark of assurance and quality.

STL is set up by personnel with in-depth technical expertise and knowledge in their respective fields where we are able to provide testing for customised products as well as a suite of independent third-party testing. Tests performed by STL are in-line with the most recent standards which attests to STL’s technical competency in laboratory testing.

Customization of Testing Equipment

We test not only to international standards and requirements, but we are also able to design specific testing methodology for special products.

Advice & Support

With years of experience in industrial products and testing, we are able to help advice and support on testing methods and regulatory requirements.

Certificate Directory

Ease of verification with comprehensive certificate database. Clients are able to check validity of STL certificates online.

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