It is a mandatory requirement that fire safety products in Singapore be regulated, tested, inspected and certified. Equipment such as fire extinguisher, dry/wet riser, fire hose reels etc. must bear the necessary certification labels before they can be installed and put to use.

STL administers the STL FSPS in accordance to ISO/IEC 17065 Scheme 1b.

Scheme 1b
Products bearing our labels must first be tested and certified. Suppliers must fulfil the certification process and batch sampling tests before they can be affixed a STL Batched Tested label.

Contact us for more details on STL FSPS or if you have any queries on any products bearing our Listed or Batch Tested labels.

- Certification Terms and Conditions
- Fire Safety Product Scheme Terms and Conditions
- FSPS Certification Application Form
- FSPS Batch Testing Request Form