It is a mandatory requirement that any persons entering construction, shipbuilding, and worksites put on personal protective equipment under the Personal Protective Equipment Scheme (PPES). Equipment such as safety helmets, safety footwear, restraint belt and fall arrest harnesses are to be worn to protect all personnel and workers from injuries.

STL administers the STL PPES in accordance to ISO/IEC 17065 Scheme 1b and Scheme 5.

Under Scheme 1b
Any PPE product that bears STL’s label must first be tested and certified. Products must fulfil the certification process and batch sampling tests before being affixed with STL’s Batch Tested labels each bearing a unique running number.

Under Scheme 5
Any PPE product bearing STL’s label must first be tested and certified. Suppliers must fulfil rigorous certification process and factory audits before their products can be affixed a with the STL Listed labels each bearing a unique COC number, Annually, products will be subjected to verification tests to ensure they continue to conform to the requirements of the relevant standards.

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